A:CONCEPT A:SHAPE Of My Face Triple Contour powder

IMG_4027.jpgA while ago Jolse (which is one of my favourite Korean based webshops) sent me the A:CONCEPT A:SHAPE OF MY FACE TRIPLE CONTOUR to review on my blog.

I have been a little absent for a while lately, because of my health. I’m slowly trying to get things done while I have the energy for it, instead of planning 2 blog posts a week next to my job. Today is finally is the day where I show you this 3-in-1 bronzing powder which is basically a contour and bronzing powder in 1 compact, how nice is that?!

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My top 3 favourite herbal teas ☕


I have been sick recently, but I’m trying to keep posting and writing reviews. 💖

I don’t know about you, but I cannot go a day without my tea. Especially two of my favourite from Celestial Seasonings. I remember Celestial Seasonings being around when I was little and that’s something, because there are not a lot of shops selling Celestial Seasonings teas here in the Netherlands nowadays. Holland & Barrett is my to go shop at the moment to get my wonderful teas from.

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Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion

IMG_3983In the Korean skincare world emulsions are quite an important step in your skincare routine. Since I’ve been using this emulsion every day, my skin has changed a lot. It’s gone from rough and dry to feeling moisturised and looking radiant. Read more to find out why I cannot go without this Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion from Skinfood. 🥑
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