Kruidvat Oil Therapy


The past few weeks I’ve noticed that my hair is dry. Not just dry, no. Bone dry. It began to annoy the hell of of me, seriously. I couldn’t style my hair the way I wanted any longer. It just wouldn’t look healthy at all. I knew Argan oil was perfect for dry and frizzy hair but I was afraid that my hair would look and feel greasy. I went to the drugstore after college and my eyes fell on the cheapest bottle of Argan oil for my hair Kruidvat had to give it a shot. I felt -very- desperate this morning, so I could at least try.

ImageThe hair repair oil therapy comes in a large and handy bottle with a pump. The pump makes the product very easy and hygienic to use. The oil doesn’t looks too thick and has a yellow colour. The packaging is very basic but professional in my opinion.


The oil is freaking fan-tas-tic. I never expected that quality from a budget brand because from what I have noticed most oils from a budget brand are greasy or leave stripes behind. The oil smells só nice. I don’t know if it’s the Argan oil that smells that good or the sunflower oil. The oil does contain perfume, so it might be the added perfume I’m smelling. When you take a little bit of oil in your palm it feels a bit thick and looks sticky (but it’s definitely nót sticky). I started with a little bit of oil until I realized my hair felt fantastically soft. I -love- it!


Let’s take a look at the ingredients. The first thing I see is cyclopentasiloxane (silicone), if you abandoned products containing silicone I wouldn’t use this product (that also includes the other ingredients). The Argan oil is listed on the second line together with sunflower oil so that’s a good thing!

The bottle contains 150 ml and costs €3,99 which is a very fair price.





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