Tag: 4 of another kind autumn H&M

Hi lovelies!

While eating my breakfast a brilliant idea popped into my head. A 4 things of another kind, or 4 of another kind tag! I’ll post 4 different things but all of the same kind (shoes, shirts etc.). Let me know what you think of it! Here’s the 4 of another kind autumn edition, I hope you like it!


1. White shirt: €9,95 | Meoow. Do I need to say more?
2. Tiger shirt: €14,95 | Very pretty autumn colours!
3. Lace shirt: €14,95 | I love lace, and it’s just the right colour!
4. Mickey Mouse shirt: €14,95 | Mickey Mouse… Disney….!!!!!!

1. Grey shirt: €19,95 | I love the simplicity yet class of the shirt. You can combine this with nearly everything!
2. Queen Geek shirt: €9,95 | Queen Geek, come on! It’s cute! I am a geek. Are you?
3. Cat shirt: €17,95 | I’ve fallen in love with H&M’s cat shirts, I absolutely love them!
4. Green shirt: €19,95 | This is só classy, match them up with a pair of high heels baby!


1. Coloured vest: €29,95 | You got to love this autumn vest!
2. Wine red vest: €19,95 | I love the two colours mixed, it looks classy!
3. Black and white sweater: €19,95 | It’s not a zebra print it’s more of an artwork. Love it!
4. ”Christmas” sweater: €29,95 | You remember the sweaters grams gave you with Christmas? I adore them!

Image1. Cape: €49,95 | This cape is perfect for autumn, don’t you think?
2. Coat: €49,95 | I love this coat, it’s on #1 on my wishlist!
3. Marine Jacket: €19,95 | I love marine/army stuff. It’s a bit vintage too!
4. MC Jacket: €49,95 | I love this mix between wool and leather!


1. Classy petrol dress: €39,95 | This is what I call class baby! I love it, all vintage and class!
2. Classy marine blue dress: €29,95 | Class, class & class! I love the colour!
3. Floral dress: €14,95 | This dress will make you smile no matter what season you’re in!
4. Little black dress: €14,95 | Everyone should have a little black dress!


1. Wedge booties: €39,95 | I love these wedges, you can walk on them all day long!
2. Grey booties: €34,95 | They’re very pretty and go with nearly everything as well!
3. Booties with studs: €39,95 | Studs… I don’t need to say more..
4. Leather booties: €79,95 | I lo-ve these boots!


1. Leather gloves: €24,95 | They’re só pretty!
2. Lovely cap: €4,95 | Cute and classy.
3. Meow cap: €7,95 | I want it!
4. Shawl: €7,95 | Simple and classy.


1. Golden hangers: €4,95 | Lovely hangers!
2. Golden studs: €4,95 | I love the simplicity and class!
3. Colourful hangers: €6,95 | They make you happy just by looking at them!
4. Earring set: €4,95 | I love the set of 4!


1. Set of 11 rings: €4,95 | There is a variation between the rings and I love that!
2. Gold coloured big ring: €4,95 | I love the big ring, it’s not too shiny and it’s simple!
3. Golden coloured necklace: €9.95 | Love, love, love!
4. Stud-look necklace: €9,95 | I love the simplicity yet classiness!


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