Essence: Spring of 2014


Hi lovelies! I hope you had a great Christmas and New years eve. upcoming March Essence will bring out new products and I love it already! There will be lots of stuff you should write down on your wishlist, just as I did. There will be new eyeshadow palettes, ombre blushes, matte lipgloss, new eye pencils, CC cream and so on. Let’s have a good look.


E F F E C T   E Y E S H A D O W   T U B E S   € 2, 99

Tubes fluid eyeshadow with metallic and holographic effects. I wonder if they work as a base, especially the peachy and the brown colour.


A L L   A B O U T   E Y E S H A D O W   P A L E T T E S  € 3, 49

I definitely like the sunrise palette. I’ve actually never tried Essence’s palettes before. These palettes contain matte and shimmery colours.


S M O K E Y  E Y E S  P A L E T T E S  € 2, 79

Smokey eyes are always in. That’s why Essence is bringing these two sweethearts out.


L O N G L A S T I N G   E F F E C T   E Y E   P E N C I L   € 1, 99

There will be a couple of new colours eye pencils but Essence will also bring out an entire new collection of pencils. Effect eye pencils, long lasting colours with a metallic touch.



B L E N D I N G   B R U S H   € 1, 49

Yaaay, a blending brush! The brush looks quite good, I hope it is as good as it looks like.

C R Y S T A L   E Y E L I N E R   € 2, 29

Eyeliners with an holographic effect. I’d love to try those two pretty ones out!


B I G   B R I G H T   E Y E S   J U M B O   P E N C I L   € 1, 99

Essence is bringing highlighter pencils out as well! I’d actually love to try it out as a base for my eyeshadow.


M A S C A R A  € 2, 29, € 3, 29  &  € 2, 79

The first one looks similar to the Miss Sporty Boost it up mascara and I personally love the curved brush. I am very curious about the second one!


C O L O U R   F L A S H   M A S C A R A   € 2, 99

Put some colour in your lashes baby!


L  A S H   B A S E   M A S C A R A

Is this it? Will it work this time?

Bildschirmfoto-2013-12-31-um-11.34 Bildschirmfoto-2013-12-31-um-11.35 Bildschirmfoto-2013-12-h-um-11.35 Bildschirmfoto-2013j-12-31-um-11.35 Bildschirmfoto-2013-12-31-uhm-11

M A K E – U P   P A L E T T E S € 5, 99

I waited for this for so long! Finally Essence decided to bring out 5 different palettes. A highlight palette, a brow palette, a blush palette, a smokey palette and a nude palette! The packaging looks a little similar to The Balm palettes and I love The Balm! Good pick Essence. 😉


F R A M E   4   F A M E   E Y E L A S H E S   € 2, 49

False eyelashes somehow never fit me, either in length or width. Perhaps this is a good chance to try again.


6   I N   1   N A I  L   C A N D I E S   € 1, 79

Essence is also bringing out these lovely 6 in 1 nail candies in soft pastel colours.


J E W E L S   € 1, 99

These polishes look yummy!


L I P G L O S S   &  L I P S T I C K   € 1, 79   TO   € 2, 25

I love the matte lipgloss already. I have the previous ones and they are so precious!


O M B R E   B L U S H E S   € 3, 49

I never use blushes because of the redness in my face but they do look lovely!


C C   C R E A M   € 3, 99

This one is definitely on my wishlist! It’s supposed to neutralize redness and imperfections in your skin, I wonder if it really works.


M A K E – U P   B A S E   € 3, 29

Good pick, I’d like to have a green primer though.

Are you going to buy any of these precious jewels?

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