My favourite beauty products and holy grails

Hello beauties!

I hope you’re having a wonderful time! Today I will be talking about my favourite beauty products and holy grails. I have always been fascinated by beautiful make-up products and I have been collecting some beautiful pieces myself lately!


I’m starting 2015 off with some awesome skin care products, these are the products I absolutely love!


You might think, what? No, I don’t really have pimples and I’ve never had them much as a teenager. Grease Lightning contains Witch Hazel and that’s a ingredient I love the most about this product! I have written a post about Witch Hazel before and it does wonders for quite a lot of things! I use this as a serum all over my face and let it sink in for about 10 minutes before I apply anything else on top of it.


Christmas in a pot. I can’t say it too many times, I am in love with Buche de Nöel! I am very surprised that they only have this around Christmas time because this cleanser is amazing. It smells nice, it has great ingredients and it does wonders for my skin. If I don’t use this cleanser for a few days I notice that my skin breaks out straight away. At first I thought that this cleanser could be a little harsh on my skin because of the alcohol used in it, but I absolutely love it! I actually bought 2 pots and I hope it will last me until next Christmas! Angels on bare skin is comparable with this cleanser as well but I can’t help it, I’m hooked to this one!


Oh dear, another holy grail! Steam Cream is actually created by the CEO/Creator(s) of Lush and it is a great product. Some people might find the cream a bit runny but it’s perfect for me. The smell is amazing (I love lavender) and it works just as great as other products of Lush. It leaves my skin soft and moisturised.


Hell yes! That’s one way to describe this oil. I bought it on sale because it smelled lovely and I started to use it not only for my skin but also for my face! My stretch marks on my arms and on my belly disappeared after a few weeks of applying this oil everyday. This is definitely a recommendation for people that have gained or lost a lot of weight! It also works great on my face. It leaves my face moisturised, soft and it gives it a natural highlight!

Now onto the holy grails of make-up!

IMG_5235Oh, how I love all products Tarte makes! This foundation is sóó nice. It doesn’t leaves my skin greasy or shiny as a lot of other foundations often do. It has great coverage for my red skin (rosacea) and doesn’t clogg up my pores at all.

IMG_5190I’ve recently discovered MAC’s pro longwear concealer in the colour NC20. It is a bit runny and clumsy because you can’t really get a small amount out of it because of the pump, but I really love this concealer! It’s full coverage and blends very nicely with the skin.

IMG_5268I got this concealer a few weeks ago and oh boy! It is high coverage and I usually mix this with my MAC pro longwear concealer to make it the perfect mixture of colours. I lasts you all day long and blends very nicely with the skin!

IMG_5269I have the Anastasia brow duo in Strawburn and this is the perfect colour for the red haired girls out there (ginger)! I love it and it lasts me all day long.


An oldie but a goldie: NYX’s blush in taupe. I have always loved it no matter which season I used it. It’s the perfect contour colour that doesn’t make you look orange or dark brown!


I love my MAC bronzing powder in golden. I’m a very light skin tone and and it doesn’t look too dark on me. I use it on a daily basis!

IMG_5247 IMG_5238I love the look of this bronzer so much! It comes from a limited collection and is so beautiful! I wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis because of the glitters in the bronzer. It’s such a beautiful colour though!


This Philosophy highlighter is so beautiful! It’s definitely a dupe of the Mary lou manizer from The Balm!

IMG_5252 IMG_5251 This MAC palette is such a beauty! The colours look are so intense and perfect for any occasion!


IMG_5287Do I hear MAC blue brown pigment? Yes! This contains more of a greeny colour, though. I am in love with this colour. The other colours of this palette are beautiful too!


Sleek’s Celestial palette is such a beauty! This palette contains a dupe for MAC’s blue brown pigment as well and is even prettier than Wet ‘n Wild’s the comfort zone palette. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and really lovely!

IMG_5320This is the big neutrals/nude palette from Zoeva and it’s a diamond! This palette contains shimmery and matte shades and are all in the nude range. These are so beautiful and very well pigmented!

IMG_5330I won this palette off of an eBay auction and it’s really pretty. The blushes are very pigmented and very nice of colour and the bronzers are very nice as well. Definitely not orange at all! The two highlighters on top are very beautiful. I use the second, yellowy one to highlight under my eyes and it works fine!

IMG_5339I’m not a glitter girl at all, but this palette has changed my view on glitters! NYX’s glitterati palette has such beautiful colours and I really look forward using them on my clients and in my videos!

IMG_5348 IMG_5360 IMG_5358 IMG_5357 IMG_5351 IMG_5349

Can’t you just stare at these beautiful colours all day long? I really love this palette and the colours are very, very pigmented and creamy. Love, love, love!


Oh boy, what a beautiful shade! It’s the perfect merlot/burgundy shade and I will wear this lipstick all year round! It’s matte and long lasting, what else do you want?

IMG_5226For the people that think where the hell are your lipsticks? I’ve depotted nearly all of them! I have three of these beauties in my drawer and they’re so handy!!!!

I hope you like my holy grails and I would like to know what all of your holy grails are!


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