Tanya Burr Cosmetics Christmas 2015 Candy Glam Palette


Sweater weather, hot cocoa, candy canes and Christmas collections. I love it! Today I will be reviewing the Candy Glam palette from Tanya Burr cosmetics. I can already tell you a secret: it is unmissable in your collection and worth your money in tenfold! ♥

IMG_7476Hi lovelies!

Ah, my favourite season of the year is nearly here. I am a autumn lady but nothing beats the Christmas season. You know what I love the most? Christmas collections! I find that all of the Christmas collections are usually prettier than the regular ‘limited editions’ a lot of brands bring out.

A few months ago I heard that Tanya Burr was going to expand her cosmetics collection to eyeshadow palettes, a brow kit and later on a Christmas collection which I had to have!

I started out with this beautiful candy glam palette.I had such low expectations about this palette because it’s so affordable (10 pounds at Superdrug and around 17 euro’s at Feelunique.com). I was so wrong! This palette makes me want to buy every single item from the Tanya Burr collection available. Seriously.

IMG_7436 IMG_7441

I absolutely adore the outside of the palette. The stars are glittery and I usually don’t like pink but I really, really love it on this palette. This palette reminds me of a carousel somehow.



As soon as you lift the lid off of the palette you get a wow moment. I love every single colour, and believe me, that doesn’t happen very often with a palette I buy. Do you know the feeling that you buy a palette and don’t even use most of the colours? That’s definitely not the case with this beauty! I think every colour fits most people, no matter your skin colour or the colour of your eyes (the bronzer might be a little too light for tanned people though).

Let’s take a closer look at the colours and swatches (all taken with flash because I really wanted to show you how they look in real life and taking the pictures with flash was the best option. Sorry for the blush by they way! It was already damaged when I got it.).


Row 1: Snowflake, Chandelier and Plumberry.


IMG_7496 IMG_7502

I was really impressed by the pigmentation. The first picture was just with one swipe over the eyeshadow pans, how amazing is that?!

Snowflake: is a white/pearly iridescent colour. It’s not entirely white but not a champagne colour either.
Chandelier: is a deep gray smoke colour with silver glitters. It screams Christmas!
Plumberry: Oh my god, this is my favourite colour of the entire palette! Plumberry is a beautiful burgundy shade with a slight shimmer though it. I am in love with this shade, not to mention how pigmented this colour is!

Row 2: Creme Brulee, Date night in Paris and Ballet slippers.



To be honest, these colours look a bit off from what they look like in real life. Especially Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is definitely not a copper shade, but more of a pink/maroon colour.

Creme Brulee: is a very beautiful colour, especially in combination with date night in paris. It’s a mixture between a dusty rose and maroon-y colour. It’s absolutely amazing and incredibly pigmented.
Date night in Paris: is a matte plum (and sometimes it’s shows as a chocolate) shade. It is a perfect colour for in the crease area.
Ballet slippers: is a champagne colour. It’s absolutely stunning! I have been using as a highlighter on my cheekbones and it’s the perfect shade for that! It’s also a very nice colour for on the lids or as a highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes.

Row 3: Baking brownies, Teddy bear and Starry night.


IMG_7514The first two colours are perfect for the crease and a smokey eye! Teddy bear is a perfect dupe for Makeup Geek’s latte or creme brulee eyeshadows.

Baking brownies: is a perfect matte dark brown crease shade. It is also a very nice shade to vamp your look up with. It looks almost black on my arm but it’s a buildable dark brown colour.
Teddy bear: is the perfect dupe for MAC’s wedge and Makeup Geek’s latte. I really love this colour for in my crease or on my lower lash line.
Starry night: is a shimmery, almost a mixture of brown and champagne colours with a hint of a dusty rose colour somehow. It is very hard to discribe but it looks different in different lightening. A very beautiful colour as well.

Bronzer, blush and lipgloss: Beach bronze,  pretty Peony and Day dream.

IMG_7493 IMG_7494 IMG_7517 IMG_7518

The bronzer reminds me of a mixture of Nars’ Casino bronzer and Laguna. It looks more like Casino in some lightening and the blush looks like a dupe for the Nars Orgasm blush but then a more subtle version of it. 2 very nice shades and dupes!

I used to hate lipglosses for a very long time, until I tried this one out. Tanya Burr lipglosses feel very hydrating and almost fatty or greasy (if you’re addicted to vaseline like me you know what I mean with this) and not sticky at all. I’m very tempted to buy all the shades of her lipglosses!


Final thoughts:

I am in love with this palette. It is very, and I mean, very affordable and in my opinion even better than MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows. I am blown away with the pigmentation of these shades and I adore the lipgloss as well. For £10 (at Superdrug) I think this is a fabulous palette to either buy for yourself, give away or receive. It is worth your money in tenfold.


Superdrug for  £10
Feelunique.com for around 17 euro’s (currently sold out)


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