Review: Limited edition Dita von Teese lipstick by MAC Cosmetics


Hello reautifuls!

Last week one of my dreams came true. I have been waiting for this new collaboration to arrive and it has happened guys! Dita von Teese collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to celebrate her new book. I am a huge fan of Dita von Teese and I have always wanted a lipstick from/by her. As soon as I saw the picture of the lipstick coming out I had already decided it was going to be mine!

IMG_7897.jpgIt came out on the 14th of December in the Netherlands, a little bit later than in the US and UK. I literally kept refreshing the MAC website until it came online. When it was lunchtime it finally popped online on my screen. I decided to buy it straight away, just in case it would sell out very quickly because according to MAC Cosmetics it was a very wanted collectors item (it’s still available today though!).

As soon as I heard the doorbell going I ran to the door to get my package and ran upstairs to open this beauty. First of all, the package guys! It is AMAZING and so beautiful! I’m never going to throw the box away.

Secondly, the tube, ah I love it so much. It looks more classy than the regular MAC lipstick tubes in my opinion. Dita’s name/autograph is all over the lipstick itself as well. It alsmost puts me of from using it at all because it’s so pretty!

Let’s have a close look at the packaging, tube and lipstick itself.


I decided to swatch it on my lips and use it anyway because I bought a second one as a backup (oops, haha!). It’s so pretty! I can’t figure out whether it has a blue or orange undertone because it seems to look different on everyone. In my opinion it is some sort of mixture between a blue and orange undertoned red. I quite like it anyway and it definitely screams I’m here!

With flash
Wthout flash


I find the lipstick to be long lasting as well. It is a matte lipstick but it will be even more long lasting if you put a lipliner underneath the lipstick. It pretty much lasted me all day long, including drinking a lot of tea and water.



I hope you liked this review as much as I loved writing it and as I mentioned earlier, it’s still available here in the Netherlands so if you want it get it quick before it’s gone!

Much love,


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