Quick review on the Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte lipstick in Immortal


Hi my reautifuls!

Today I will be reviewing the Gerard Cosmetics hydra matte liquid lipstick in the colour Immortal. I can give away one thing straight away: this beauty has become my favourite lipstick of all time!


The first time I heard about Gerard Cosmetics I decided I had to try at least on of their lipsticks because I heard so much good stuff about the brand. My first lipstick was Fire engine and it still is my favourite red lipstick, together with Immortal because of the fierce blue undertones they both have. It makes me feel sexy, even when I don’t feel well. They started packaging their products not too long ago and I have to say that I absolutely love the packaging!


When the first range of the hydra mattes came out I purchased all of them. I love Serenity (congratulations Manny!) and when I heard of Immortal I knew I had to get my hands on it!

I am so happy I did because I love the formula the hydra mattes have. I’ve tried a lot of other brands that sell liquid lipsticks but somehow I always come back to Gerard Cosmetics. These hydra mattes are not drying on the lips at all, the pigment is amazeballs and the longevity, oh lord, it stays on  all day long and I don’t even have to re-apply!


I love this liquid lipstick because it’s very similar to Fire engine but is slightly less blue undertoned.


This is just one layer of application, can you see how pigmented it is?!



In my opinion the hydra matte lipsticks are even more pigmented than the regular lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics. The liquid lipsticks have the same vanilla-y scent to them as well as the regular lipsticks have. I love it when a lipstick doesn’t smell like you’re putting a thick layer of chemicals on your lips.


I have been using this lipstick quite often lately, I wore it on Halloween as well and it stayed on all night long!

Overall I really like the formula the lipsticks have and I like the way that the applicator isn’t too fluffy so you can actually get a very clean line without having to use a lipliner underneath.


Much love and a happy new year!!!


xxx Christina

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