Quick view: Sleek The Gold Standard i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition)

names - Copy

Hello my Reautifuls!

This post was supposed to go online before Christmas but somehow I forgot all about it. That’s why I will make it a quick view of the beautiful palette which I adore. Sleek did very well with this one and it’s still available!!

IMG_7560 - CopyIMG_7586 - CopyIMG_7685 - CopyIMG_7699 - CopyIMG_7701 - CopyIMG_7708 - CopyIMG_7709 - CopyIMG_7715 - Copy

IMG_7683 - CopyIMG_7602 - CopyIMG_7587 - CopyIMG_7603 - CopyIMG_7606 - CopyIMG_7608 - Copy

IMG_7607 - CopyIMG_7645 - CopyIMG_7650 - Copy

IMG_7604 - CopyIMG_7666 - CopyIMG_7726 - CopyIMG_7600 - CopyIMG_7577 - CopyIMG_7659 - CopyIMG_7574 - CopyIMG_7669 - CopyIMG_7583 - CopyIMG_7575 - CopyIMG_7664 - CopyIMG_7668 - Copy

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