L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion foundation


Foundation or BB cushions are very in fashion right now. It began with Korean BB cushions and now the more ‘Western’ brands have made a few as well (MAC Cosmetics, Yves Rocher etc.). Do I love it or do I hate it? Let’s find out more!


L’Oréal created a cushion foundation for flawless and dewy appearance. It does not promise to be full coverage mind you! It’s supposed to look like ‘you’re glowing from within’. I have tried a few BB cushions from multiple Korean brands and I have to say that I did like the idea very much. It’s really hard to find the right shade but if you don’t have much time in the morning to get ready, cushions are amazing!

Cushions aren’t necessarily all the same. I find that textures, color ranges and finishes vary from cushion to cushion. I wonder if this one will cling to my dry areas, one problem I have with a lot of foundations lately.


The cushion comes with it’s own sponge like most cushions do. You can wash this with (for example) baby shampoo, just like you’re brushes. This sponge seemed a tad bit different from what I usually see from Korean cushions. I got colour 01 (porcelain or vanilla) which looked like a good skin match to me. ‘Dewy’ skin is one of the trends this spring and summer and I like it because I’ve got very dry skin. My skin needs multiple layers of moisturizers, that’s how dry it is.


The cushion seems to be swimming in foundations. Good! I’ve seen some cushions being very dry while I had just opened them. I didn’t even had to really push my finger deep into the cushion to get some product. The foundation feels very moisturizing, but I’m afraid the coverage will fail on me (I’ve got really bad rosacea, though!).

This is what my skin looks like without any product on. Mind you, I had a really bad skin day and I had to remove the foundation I’ve had on the morning before I started reviewing this product which wasn’t very smart of me. Most mornings my skin looks pretty calm.


Eek! I wish my jawline wasn’t so blotchy and red all the time. It’s always a pain in the arse to find a foundation that will cover most of it (and it never entirely does!). I don’t expect much from this cushion because I was so, so, so red that day.

I have to say that I really like the formula of the cushion. It doesn’t cover a lot, but as it covers most of my dark circles I’ll definitely be giving it a new shot when my skin is a bit calmer and less red than it was on that day.

Here you can see the foundation applied before any blusher, bronzer or contour. You can see that it really makes my skin glow. I love it!




The colour doesn’t entirely match my neck. I know! I noticed when I looked at the pictures I shot. After that, I blended it in really wel with my neck. With some contour and bronzer you won’t notice that it’s a tad bit too yellow on me.

Here I’ve applied some blusher, bronzer and contour. I powdered my face as well because it stayed sticky and didn’t dry for a very long time.



I didn’t apply too much contour like I usually do. I wanted to show you what the foundation really looked like on my skin. It didn’t cover up all the redness, but it did a good job! I hope I will love it more when my skin is a bit calmer. It might just be the perfect shade and foundation in summer. Also, don’t apply the usual amount of highlighter after this foundation because as it states, it’s dewy. It made my skin really, really glow. I kind of love that!

Here are two similar pictures where you can see that the foundation is a little yellow and darker than my neck. Oops! If well blended, no one will notice though. At the moment I don’t love the cushion, but I don’t hate it either.

Have you tried this product, and what did you think of it?



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