Beautygloss lashes by Eylure


Hello reautifuls!

I’ve gotten into false lashes lately and when I popped into the drugstore I spotted these beautiful fluffy lashes in collaboration with the beautiful Mascha from

These are my first falsies from Eylure and I love the quality! As stated on the packed, they are really fluffy. They are perfect for some extra glamour.



I had to adjust them until they fit the shape of my eye. I really love the feeling of these lashes. They are like a perfect mixture of the Iconic lashes from House of Lashes and the Wispies from Red Cherry. I still have to practice getting them on alright though! The inner corners usually don’t stick well if I put them on.


They look like two pairs of false lashes stacked on top of each other. They do feel a little heavy on the eyes, but getting used to falsies can take up some time.

With lashes on:



Without lashes on (just mascara and not curled):


The difference between both eyes:


Without flash:IMG_9496

With flash:IMG_9512

I really, really love these lashes. They are voluminous and fluffy. They make my eyes appear a lot more almond shape and open. They are a bit heavy, but I think I’ll have to get used to that.


What do you think of these falsies?


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