Shaaanxo palette by BH Cosmetics ♥


Hello Reautifuls!

A few months ago Trendmood1 shared some great news. BH Cosmetics was bringing out a new eyeshadow and lipstick palette in collaboration with Shaaanxo. For those of you who don’t know her yet, Shannon Harris is a very popular beauty guru on YouTube, living in New Zealand. I absolutely love her and she’s one of the reasons I got into makeup, that’s why I knew straight away that I -had- to have this palette and I certainly don’t regret it! Did I get you curious? Good! Read more to get blown away by this lovely palette!

First of all I’d like to tell you a little bit more about Shannon. Shannon started a YouTube channel when she was around 17-years old. She loves playing with new makeup looks and has a very bubbly personality. I started following her about 4 years ago and I’ve learned so much from her videos! Finally, after all those years she collaborated with a well known (and let’s not forget affordable) makeup brand to create her own eyeshadow & lipstick palette. I’ll be reviewing this beauty today and I can tell you already that it’s amazing!


icn-instagram-intro  Shaaanxo  | youtube-btn Shaaanxo




I ordered the palette straight away when I got the e-mail notification from BH Cosmetics because I knew I really wanted it. The package came in yesterday and it took a little less than a week to ship from the US to The Netherlands. Wow! I got a little card with the palette as well from Shannon thanking people who have bought her palette and she knows they are going to love it. She was so right! I really, really like the card with it, because that makes it more personal as well. The palette itself and the box it comes in have the same pattern and colour. How chique!

On the back of the box there is a little story about the palette:

YouTube beauty vlogger and makeup artist Shannon Harris, known to her fans as Shaaanxo, shares her makeup secrets with an inspirational message. Now a top global influencer, Shaaanxo has hand-picked a mix of dynamic and down-t0-earth shades that add up to a multitude of wearable looks that flatter a variety of skin tones.


Both sides of the palette come with a mirror. There are 9 eyeshadow colours and 9 lipsticks in the palette. When I opened the eyeshadow side of the palette I got blown away by the variety of the colours. They look more amazing in real life than Shannon showed in her video. Oh, dear lord, I’m in love. I haven’t seen such a wonderful palette from BH Cosmetics in a while (besides Carli’s palette)! You can mix and match all you like and I’ve fallen in love with the duochrome shade already. It’s the perfect match. A sienna shade, an orange-y shade and a duochome! I can’t ask for more than this lovely combination in just one palette. I already know I will be using these three shades a lot. Besides those three shades the palette contains a matte ivory shade (for highlighting or setting your eye primer for example), a shimmery champagne colour (which is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes but also your cheekbones!), a shimmery pink-y shade, a beautiful shimmery bronze shade, a shimmery taupe and a matte dark brown shade. As Shannon mentioned in her video the matte dark brown shade is perfect for smoking up your look or darkening the base of your lashes.

IMG_9716 IMG_9709

I can finally say that I found a palette of which I will be using all shades instead of just a few. When I swatched the shades I didn’t expect them to be this pigmented at all. They are freakingly, amazingly pigmented!

IMG_9733 IMG_9735


Love, love, love! And when I turned the palette around I found 9 beautiful lipstick shades. Not all of the colours are my cup of tea but I will try them out anyway (I might start to love them)! I expected the lipsticks to be very poorly pigmented because most of the time that’s the case with lipsticks in palettes but oh dear, how wrong was I?! They are very long lasting and creamy, I couldn’t  get them off of my arm with just a makeup wipe at all!

IMG_9741 IMG_9744

IMG_9745 IMG_9747


Do I need to say more? I’m so in love with this palette. It also is a wonderful palette if you’re going on a holiday and because you’ve got lots of colours to mix and match, you don’t need to take more than only this palette with you. That saves a lot of space babe!

Well done BH Cosmetics and congratulations Shannon! I have no issues or cons with this palette -at all-.

You can order this palette on the website of BH Cosmetics for $14.50 (only for a limited time, after a while the palette will cost  $22.00).

Purchase your own beauty here now! ❤







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