My first pair of Quay sunglasses!


Hello reautifuls!

Long time no see eh? I’m so very sorry! I’ve been very busy lately. I’ve been to the UK for a weekend and I have to say, it was the most beautiful weekend I’ve ever had! Now I’m back and so is the summer here in the Netherlands. Time for some sunglasses!

I’ve heard great things about Quay Australia and I can’t stop looking at their sunglasses since I’ve seen them on Chrisspy and Desi Perkins. I googled around because I didn’t know if I could get them in the Netherlands and I found out that had them on sale! I had a good look around because I didn’t wanted to go absolutely mad on the price and I found this beauty and I fell in love straight away.

IMG_0028 IMG_9994

A little bit of information about the brand:

Born roadside on the festival circuit with Linda and Allen Hammond in 2004, Quay Australia is a notoriously cool, affordable and quirky range of sunnies for the nonconforming and freethinking. As word spread, the label continued to flourish and joined by son Zak, launched in the international market in 2009.

Today Quay frames can be found at over 2000 retailers worldwide and online.

Through music inspired roots, Melbourne flair, and many adventures abroad, Quay Australia has become a favourite for people with; fearless style, a carefree attitude and a fresh perspective.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quay has a strong stance when it comes to the working conditions of the manufacturers workers. Each manufacturer we work with has to comply with fundamental human rights which include;

⁃ No Child labor
⁃ No Excessive working hours
⁃ No people held at their will to work
⁃ Must have safe protection when using Machinery
⁃ Must have clean conditions
⁃ Must get paid a minimum wage

As Quay uses Machinery to produce our sunglasses, we ensure that all machines have been cleared to work and are safe for the workers to use.

Quay Sunglass Materials contain no harsh chemicals that can cause any health problems for the workers and for everyone.

To make sure that all of Quays responsibilities are kept, we employ a representative to Audit and keep an update on the factories conditions and working conditions for the workers, if a manufacturer doesn’t comply with with our standards, we don’t deal with them.


I got the pair of sunglasses with the name breath of life. That just totally sounds like me! I didn’t expected them to be this big, but oh, how I love them! They are chunky, cat eye sunglasses with orange-ish/yellow tinted glasses. They came with a little pouch where you can put them in (I never use a pouch for my sunglasses and they are always scratched to bits). This not only is my first pair of Quay sunglasses, but also my first pair of good quality and ‘expensive’ sunglasses. Just as Chrisspy mentioned about Quay, most sunglasses Quay sells are quite big which is a plus for us girls with a no makeup day or if we are too lazy to apply anything on our eyes! The shades are not too dark (I always prefer the darkest available shades because I want to be able to see something when the sun is shining brightly), but I can actually see something when the sun on it’s brightest. This is a plus for me because I wear glasses because my eyesight is all but good, but I can see a lot with these sunnies on. You go Quay!

I bought these sunglasses on the ASOS.COM website for €14.79 (they were reduced from €35.21). You can still purchase them here.

What I love about them:

  • Chunky, cat eyed shape frame
  • Moulded nose pads

I have no dislikes at all!


What do you think of these sunnies?




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