A Primark musthave for this summer!


Hello Reautifuls!

A while ago I decided to not speed past the perfume counter from Primark and I’ glad i didn’t! This really is a must have for this summer, read more to find out why. ❤


”A magical mix of delicious raspberry and passion fruit infused with glistening floral notes completed with warm woods and mystical musk to release your inner mermaid.”

The description on the box and the box only already got my attention straight away. I decided to give it a go to decide if it smelled like alcohol (like most perfumes from Primark do). I was so, so blown away with the scent of this perfume. It’s right up my alley and it smells like long summer nights on the beach. It smells quite similar to Obsession Night from Calvin Klein, although a little more fruity. When I stood in line for the fitting rooms to try some clothes I had in my bag the ladies who worked there asked me if it was me who was smelling so delicious and where I bought the perfume I had on. When I told them it was the perfume their shop was selling they were absolutely stunned. It lingered around all day and certainly doesn’t start smell odd after a day (some perfumes tend to smell a bit musty after a days wear, especially on clothing). ❤

I will definitely repurchase a bottle of this very soon before they stop selling it. It retails for only €8 how amazing is that!

I definitely give this perfume a five out of five paws!

🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾️/5


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