A:CONCEPT A:SHAPE Of My Face Triple Contour powder

IMG_4027.jpgA while ago Jolse (which is one of my favourite Korean based webshops) sent me the A:CONCEPT A:SHAPE OF MY FACE TRIPLE CONTOUR to review on my blog.

I have been a little absent for a while lately, because of my health. I’m slowly trying to get things done while I have the energy for it, instead of planning 2 blog posts a week next to my job. Today is finally is the day where I show you this 3-in-1 bronzing powder which is basically a contour and bronzing powder in 1 compact, how nice is that?!

I never skip contouring and bronzing up my face whenever I put makeup on (which is basically every day) and it has become something nearly unmissable in my makeup routine the past few years. It just adds more colour to the face, especially when you’re on the paler side.

The hunt for a good contour powder and bronzer separately (because you aren’t supposed to contour with your bronzing powder) is quite a difficult job. It shouldn’t be too red, not too brown, not too yellow and so on. This product in particular is supposed to be more on the neutral side and isn’t red based.


  • A all-in-one triple colour combination.
  • Expresses the skin naturally.
  • Use it on hair and face lines, and eyes.




The packaging of this compact is pretty sleek. Matte black, simple and chique. There are three different colours in the compact ranging from the lightest shade to the darkest and as you can see, the colours aren’t really red based.

I’m quite used to a darker bronzer, because my skin has turned a bit darker throughout the years, but this bronzer might just be a tad bit too dark and brown for my skin (I’m about a NC15/20). It is better to be contoured with (with a very light hand), because of it’s cooler colours and works really well that way. I actually use the darkest shade to fill in my eyebrows at the moment, because it’s the perfect dark brown I’ve been looking for.





This 3-in-1 compact is really handy to have in your makeup stash, because you can use it everyday and use it for multiple things such as filling in your eyebrows for example. The first two shades are quite a perfect shade when mixed together and I always have this with me in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

This product retails for about $14 and you can purchase it here.

I give this product a 3/5 paws. It’s not entirely my shade, but it’s not unusable. It’s a versatile product and amazing for people that don’t want a red based bronzer.

🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾️/3


Whats your favourite bronzer and contour powder at the moment?
Let me know in the comment section below! 


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