Do more of what you love


I have been listening a lot to Alan Watts lately and I’ve got one simple thing to say about this man… He’s so right about everything! His lectures really feed my soul and make me think about my life. Why wait until you’re 40 to say that you’re wise and have accomplished something, just because you’re getting old? Why wait enjoying your life to the fullest until you’re retired and then be too tired to do something anyway?

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Simply ADHD.


I recently got the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD (the combined type). Throughout the years I fought hard for acceptance and awareness around Aspergers, only to find out that I don’t fit into the spectrum (anymore). It had me go through a lot of anger and I was confused just because I had my Aspergers wrapped around my life, creating a lot of boundaries I would never cross. I lived in a box and wouldn’t come out of it. I found out that there actually is a lot of awareness and acceptance around Aspergers already, but none whatsoever on ADHD. The things I continuously hear make me cringe. I will write something about ADD and ADHD every so now and then to explain more about our (or rather my) brain. I don’t think inside the box, I don’t think outside the box either. I don’t even know where the box is. Welcome to simply ADHD.ย 

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Prreti Ban Ban Water Barrier Cream


Hi everyone, I’m so sorry for the radio silence lately! I’ve been quite busy (and forgetting to relax) and also very, very exhausted. I’m still trying to figure out where the exhaustion and strengthย loss from my arms come from.

Anyways, I’ve been using a long lost favourite again lately and I thought it really deserved a spot on the blog! Do you want to know why? Keep on reading,ย  love!ย 

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