My top 3 favourite herbal teas ☕


I have been sick recently, but I’m trying to keep posting and writing reviews. 💖

I don’t know about you, but I cannot go a day without my tea. Especially two of my favourite from Celestial Seasonings. I remember Celestial Seasonings being around when I was little and that’s something, because there are not a lot of shops selling Celestial Seasonings teas here in the Netherlands nowadays. Holland & Barrett is my to go shop at the moment to get my wonderful teas from.

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Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion

IMG_3983In the Korean skincare world emulsions are quite an important step in your skincare routine. Since I’ve been using this emulsion every day, my skin has changed a lot. It’s gone from rough and dry to feeling moisturised and looking radiant. Read more to find out why I cannot go without this Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion from Skinfood. 🥑
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Natural and Organic lip balms from Badger


I have been on the hunt for new lip balms lately, because here in the Netherlands the variety of lip balms that don’t contain mineral oil for instance is pretty small. I’ve been petrolatum/mineral oil free for a few years now and decided to give these lip balms from Badger a go and I think I might have found the holy grail of lip balm brands! 💖

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